State Queens Title

The National American Miss state title opens doors during the year of your reign. As the state pageant winner you will represent your state for the following year and will return to next years pageant, with your family’s hotel room provided, to crown your successor.

Take a day to visit your local Governor, make an appearance with your local sports teams, be an honored speaker at the state fair, and participate in parades; these are just some of the opportunities you have with National American Miss!

  • One Thousand dollars in cash
  • Official state crown, banner trophy and roses
  • Entry fee’s paid for the National Pageant
  • A trip through the famed streets of Hollywood
  • VIP day in Disneyland
  • Travel opportunities

Top 5 – The Queens Court

The four runners-up to the Queen’s title will each receive a trophy, roses and an invitation to the National Pageant where they will compete in a separate competition for the National American Miss Court Title. Take competition to the next level with top finishers from all across the country.


The Cover Girl Contest

The State Cover Girl will receive a crown, banner, trophy, roses and the opportunity to compete in the National Pageant at DisneyLand for the National Cover Girl title! She will also return to next year’s pageant, with her family’s hotel room provided, to crown her successor. The Cover Girl contest is a contest where you have the opportunity to sell advertising for your state’s beautiful pageant year book. You can earn trophies, cash awards, a pageant weekend hotel room for your family, DVD players, TV/VCR combos, college scholarships, trips to DisneyLand and more!